In proximity to my dearly loved Chris

*notes (pdf file)
Distance                                mp3 (20mb)               wav (570mb)            original mp3 (13mb)
Awakening                                                                                                original mp3 (12mb)
Stellar Night                                                                                              original mp3 (12mb)
Infinite Diversity                                                                                        original mp3 (6mb)
Lunar Tide                                                                                                 original mp3 (4mb)
Solar Winds                                                                                               original  mp3 (6mb)
Quasar Play                                                                                              original mp3 (3mb)
Galactic Breeze                                                                                        original mp3 (2mb)
Quantum Glide                                                                                          original mp3 (2mb)
Lost Light Star Bright                                                                                       original mp3 (2mb)
Silently moving star light from incomprehensible distances and unfathomable temporalities arriving to illuminate our night shores as faces of others we love and those we don't know, contesting our singular darknesses with desire and obligation. They call for responsibility to infinity, to absolute alterity that shines before us. I am called from my mortal abodes to a place not my place, a time not my time, to heed conscience stirring within me, without my choice, from exteriority as absolute responsibility. A light eternally lost from my sight graces a glance in fragile star light which brightens as face of the beloved and the stranger. Justice contests the ordinance of my time, of time, and the placeless-ness of the other, as still, small voice. Origin necessitates destruction. Whence, not my origin, an -other light, faces me in evocation as tree of life.

Here, I am.