New Music Compositions – Updated 10/16/22

I have a new Kurzweil K2700 keyboard. These are new compositions and arrangements I performed with this fantastic keyboard. I hope you enjoy them.

Wave (.wav) is best for sound quality but needs to be either download or use high-speed internet to stream with your stereo or headphones….

.mp3 is for streaming with your cell phone – the audio quality can vary with your internet connection and user traffic…

Singularity (7:32)                          mp3             wav

Once (7:49)                                    mp3             wav

Love Theme (2:14)                       mp3             wav

Night Rays (11:39)                        mp3             wav

New Dark Symphony (18:15)    mp3             wav

Older pieces made with older audio gear…

Distance (8:34)                              mp3              wav

Tundra Sea (9:27)                         mp3              wav

Distortions in Free Fall (6:17)     mp3

Lost Light Star Bright (5.06)       mp3

Soaring Hedges (5.26)                 mp3

TeRaLuna (2.53)                           mp3

Wildflower Dream (6.00)            mp3

Dust Chards (2.25)                       mp3

Distant Interlude (2.09)               mp3

High Ghost (2.51)                        mp3