A Vote for Trump is a Vote for Human Extinction

This is not a post I feel comfortable about writing. I prefer facts to emotions in these matters. I am not opposed to emotions. I think they are great on either side of the isle. However, I sincerely believe that emptions must always give way to facts or you must implicitly or explicitly give up on logic and give yourself over to your unchecked opinions which are essentially narcissistic, short sighted and counter to everything that got us out of the caves,

However, in this case I do not have the time to write this post in a way I would prefer. My wife and I are working day and night for the Hillary campaign. We are basically running a field office for Hillary. We have donated more money to Hillary than we have ever donated to any political campaign. I need to make this fast and to the point.

Psychologically and rhetorically Trump is not different than a pre-Führer Hitler. I have never said this about anyone that did not call themselves a Nazi. I debated David Duke once in his Nazi uniform with two other Nazi dressed compatriots next to him at LSU. He was a proud Nazi and still is. I do not take these words likely. Trump is purely narcissistic. I do not need the APA’s relatively new takeover of this word over the earliest Greek thinking on narcissus to protect psychiatric jargon. Trump is solely and wholly dedicated to himself to the point of projecting all his insecurities on others. For him the other is alien, dangerous, nasty, sexual predators, leaches on society, liars, ethnic slave owners (his extremely convoluted argument about blacks voting for Democrats). He has no factual basis for anything he says. He tells us he has never lost. He went bankrupt four times and failed in two marriages. The fact is he has always been a loser. I suspect his debt is close to his assets. He lost one billion dollars in 1995 and that is probably not the only year he lost huge amounts of money. He has proved he is a terrible business man with his bankruptcies. He has called himself the “King of Debt”. He will not release his tax returns only a purely fictional and unverifiable account of his net worth. He has been fact checked on more lies than fact checkers have ever seen. They cannot keep up with his lies. He logically contradicts himself on a daily basis. He tells us he never said he was for the Iraq war and yet we have audio where he tells us exactly the opposite. I will not go on because I am too busy working for Hillary to save the world from a Hitler wannabe.

Trump has told us he loves war, he loves fighting, he does not understand why we do not use nukes and why we do not let other countries like Japan get nukes. He has no concern for NATO and thinks Russia’s Putin is quite admirable. He flies off the handle and against his own best outcome chooses battles which hurt his stated desires to be president. It takes four minutes for a president with the “football” to punch in the codes and the personnel in the silo to punch in their code to launch a nuke. There is no middle man or check and balance. In light of his history who could ever lull themselves into any sense of confidence that Trump as president would “Make America Great Again”? Trump would exterminate the world before he could be impeached for ignoring the Constitution.

Additionally, if you in any way think of yourself as a Christian and are so brainwashed that you believe Trump is not the total opposite of Jesus you are absolutely apostate. I have always been fascinated at why Hitler was catapulted to power by well-meaning Germans. We need look no further than Donald J. Trump to understand how this cataclysmic event occurred. Even more so, imagine a Hitler with nukes. He is a “nativist”. He gets his “facts” from the alt-right, Breitbart, which is nothing other than unabashed white nationalists. He hires them to run his campaign. White nationalists love Trump. Jesus would tell Trump voters to “depart from me I never knew you”. Ask yourself if you think you are Christian and vote for Trump can you really can live with yourself and never doubt your vote. If so, you are well beyond hope; you are well beyond love; you have absolutely no notion of truth and righteousness. Look at my post on this site (Anti-Abortion, Anti-Immigrants, Republicans and Jesus) about how the Old and New Testament discusses the sojourner, the immigrant and try to justify yourself in light of the many Bible verses I quote on this matter. If you vote for Trump and tell others you are a Christian, you are everything that crucifies Jesus all over again.

Hitler was motivated by psychotic xenophobia. Trump’s twist on this is that he is motivated by some distorted notion of capitalism. Trump does not give a damn about the folks that have already drank his Jim Jones cool aid. He has shown that contractual obligations to pay his employees mean nothing to him. Trump has shown that capitalism is nothing other than vulture-ism. He inherited money and is every alter ego we liberals have been perhaps overly stereotyping for decades concerning the right. Trump is the ideal of what every liberal has thought conservatism was really about under the covers. A vote for Trump is a vote to concretize the liberal’s worst fear of capitalism and contrary to the sincere and legitimate concerns of the best of Republican’s “Party of Lincoln”. If you are the Republican you want to think of yourselves as, try to think these two thoughts together – the Party of Lincoln and the Party of Trump. If you are not nauseous thinking these two thoughts together you are the reason your Party is going down the tubes.

I will have time after the election to add more statistical and factual evidence to these admittedly emotive claims but for now I am completely occupied with trying to save the world for my beloved kids.