Breaking News From Fox News

Hillary Clinton’s charity foundation took money from bad guys to help children. The bad guys could have spent the money on bad deeds so it was wrong that Hillary took that money to help kids. Also, her foundation took money from foreign countries that discriminate against women to fund programs that reduce discrimination against women. “That is just wrong” a Fox News spokesman told us.

Additionally, Fox News reports that while Hillary may ‘say’ she is for the lower 90% and against the upper 10% of income earners she is really part of the upper 10% herself so “how in the world could she ever understand the plight of the lower 90% as Fox News, the Republican Party and the upper 10% which makes up the most of the financial support of the Republican Party do”?

Fox News also reports that the total mess the Democrats have made of foreign policy and the economy is not how the former President left it when he left the office. It was the leadership of the former President that let the world know the United States is in charge as Afghanistan and Iraq proved. Also, the top 10% actually made more income during the Great Recession that was started during the Bush administration and the trickle down jobs started by the job creators simply made the current President look good but was really a direct result of successful wall street, free market, policies advocated by the Republican Party. They also went on to say that on their watch they proved that they would go up against corporations to big to fail as Lehman Brothers, Goldman Sachs and Bear Stearns discovered before they were bailed out. It just so happened that the former President’s policies to help poor folks get houses bankrupted the world with wacky financial tools that the Republicans pushed through Congress in financial deregulation during the Clinton years.

An unofficial spokesman for Fox News who did not want to be disclosed told us that thanks to the Citizens United Decision of the Supreme Court, wealthy Republicans have secretly converged to finance the campaigns of all the Republican Candidates to make the public think all the conservative voices are being heeded by the Republican Party but their plan is to strategically pull the funding so their candidate of choice, as yet undisclosed, can sail through their primary process and win in the general election with more moderate claims and high indebtedness to their benefactors.

Note: In the interest of fair and accurate reporting all the news above was really fabricated by a commy, liberal unless you think it actually made Republicans look good in which case it was totally true.