Whining and complaining is digging a grave you will eventually occupy.

It is better to be an indigent with wisdom than a King with proclamations of a fool.

Radical externality is future that beckons us towards becoming who we are not and away from who we think we are. Only the face of the other so completely refuses our dread of being condemned for ever to the absolute emptiness of our being, our illusions, vanities, fears, pride, pretensions to power and control in the face of the certainty of death.

If you want hope allow hopelessness to complete its work in you…locomotion.

Passivity is the elixir of death. Death will come as a thief in the night and rob you of life before you realize you are dead.

Poverty brings the necessity of hope. Wealth brings absolute abandonment to the satiation of hopelessness.

Desire that can be fulfilled is a drug addiction to the next desire.

Ethics cannot come from within else it be the selfishness of Adam Smith. Ethics can only come about from a voluntary and intentional action – the resolve to give way to the absolute sanctity of the face of the Other and a yawning gap no illusion of power or wealth can overcome.

Why is evolution change? Because the physics of the universe requires the direction of time to mark the difference of what is to what will be. No one is the master of what will be, at most, the slave of what could be at the brink of extinction.

The refusal to act is the action of death.

Not to act is to act. The force that cannot be refused called existence is really invitation to what can never exist in my time and my space.

Idea as vision is envision towards nothingness. Nothingness requires oblivion which is the antithesis of existence. Existence, physics, requires movement, change, transformation where all information is forever retained as what can never be conscious of itself but only a trace of necessity which comes from wholly other and absolute requirement, existence rather than nothingness.

We are willed not have will.

Children and parents come under the irresistible necessity to change, mature, respond to the loss of bliss for the sake of uncertainty in face of certain death without the option to lose hope.

Why has physics built hope into our necessity to be? One thing we know is that reason can be found in the autopsy of what is. If entropy did not result in form nothing would have ever existed. A still, small voice resounds in the externality of the other as the arrow of time.

We should learn from what we cannot avoid because we cannot avoid what we MUST learn.