Trump Supporters are Traitors

Our young men and women in the military are fighting allies of Russia all over the world and yet, here in this country Trump supporters are voting and supporting, unwittingly, the Russian candidate and now President Donald Trump. Well, it can longer be unwitting. Now they know and they still support the Russian President of our country. Russians have been bailing Trump out financially for years. Trump has not enforced the sanctions against Russia both Republicans and Democrats voted for. He has not said one peep about the Russian interference much less done anything about it. All of his tweets after the indictments are obvious and ignorant attempts to cover his ass from something he does not want to come to light. He cannot act like a President only like a common criminal. Those that support this kind of behavior, even now, are traitors to our country in my opinion. Republicans that still support and defend Trump like Devin Nunes and want to make Fox News the purveyor of truth over and against our FBI, intelligence community and Trump’s OWN appointed Justice Department are fools and traitors as well. However, the buck rests firmly on those that voted for Trump based on lies and Russian deceptions. You failed! You were duped! You were idiots! It is your fault our government has been brought to its knees. From now on, you can either learn and do your voting homework based a good sources (not Fox News) or we can see the best of your intentions pave our way straight to Hell. LOCK HIM UP!!!