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Swirling, Whirling, Worlding

Swirling, whirling, worlding snow

Shimmering, soft white into half lit fog

Walking up my mountain

From home to peak

How many lives have I made this journey?

Now, frosted Aspen branches

Delicate, curling intricately

Telling their gnarly story silently

Thriving, striving, intertwining

Barely visible in blazing sun

But now, icy frost gives them voice

Burgeoning, budding a snowy history

Thinking, reflecting, working up this hill

Active, passive

Relationships, meaning, beauty, grammar, structure, analysis

Intertwined in different temporalities

With these branches, this snow, my mountain

We kiss each other as our distances

We silently mingle in ways not present

Undercurrents never seen

But shown up from time to time as history, as frost

Soon to melt and return us to our anonymity

This road, I labor to the top

Winding as the Aspen branches

Now, viewing brilliant white fields

Made by ravaging, relentless fires

Another history shown by the dark, burnt tree trunks

Set against the white snow and half lit fog

I reach my peak

This place where the earth ends and the sky begins

I kiss eternity with my frosted beard

I stand erect towards my end, my mortality, my horizon

I stare into an abyss of half lit fog blowing snow

Not seeing past this eerie gray curtain

But knowing the expansive precipice,

the mountainous splendor that awaits another day

I marvel at my swirling, whirling, worlding, shimmering, glimmering


And what remains below, underneath, silent

But giving birth to the stars and the earth

This my place under the sky, over the earth and intertwined with all

This my mountain between peak and home is my soul.

The Gaze of Spring

Spring returns in your eyes.

Youth springs eternal in your gaze.

Your waters ever flow through my soul.

Watering my spirit with your beauty (body).

You see yourself anew in my eyes.

You scare yourself again in my gaze.

Who looks at you with love’s eyes?

Is it someone you knew long ago or someone you never knew but needed to?

Love stirs the soul beyond itself.

It rouses the canvas for which it desires to paint.

It empties its deepest content on the blank tablet of the other.

It holds open the world to the new and the old.

It marks time with its contour.

Balance of Earth and Sky

Oh what a delicate balance of earth and sky we are

Sky never knows to forget

Earth never forgets to know

Only humankind can drink from the grail of forgetfulness

The sorrows of death

The moment of enlightenment

All washed into the same abysmal extinction

We are drenched in the future and re-invented from the fading past

Until… the future dries…The past cries it last pangs…

The sun continues speaking its ancient wisdom to our souls without a word…

And, we are no more – taken into the night

Our places shimmer on for the quickly fading moments of those left behind until they also move to dark

And then, imprints we left without our names, without our faces carry on to those we never knew.

By this then, we become the sky that never knew and the earth that never forgot and we no longer are that humankind that forgets – we are the earth and sky and we erase the steps of mortals for their pleasure.

Logos, High Ghost, Eros

I live in your words

Where my orb is bound and measured

In the grace of your spoken moment.

Your words stake me to the ground

And lift me to soar with eagles.

They rain on my weariness

And let me stand naked

Shimmering in the ecstasy of a million new suns.

I am spoken as your erupting beauty

And cease to exist in your silence.

I blaze in your atmosphere

And burn as your presence.

Borne on your whispering wings

To the moment when all shadows

Release their darkness

To a morning that never was.


I dance.

We dance.

This body resistance.

This old man in my sea.

This silent stranger that speaks more with silence than all words.

In youth the old man sleeps.

In mid life the old man rouses my attention.

This body resistance is my inner earth, my gravity.

My soul lites as moths to the lantern.

Our dance flys through morning lit cathedrals

And bells that rise towards the echoed horizon.

Fields of pleasure and pain glimmer through our life dance.

We play, we sleep, we eat, we love.

All the while the body resistance is quiet.

Yet overflowing with the wisdom of the earth, the mountains, the rivers.

This body that loves the dirt and always returns

Yet for a moment we played, we sang, we danced,

And…we died.


Oh wistful night of a million suns.

Spawn dancing shadows from nameless orbs.

Through stellar darkness light years are thrown.

Perchance dark grace our sun or moon

And primal night fire my heart drum.


Oh wistful thoughts of a million souls

Spawn dancing shadows from nameless histories.

Through unconscious darkness years are thrown.

Perchance dark grace our I or other.

And primal projections fire my loves.

Earth (an old one from a young time)

Gathering together within we move sometimes apart, sometimes mingled but always we move together.  We who are not yet the murmur of leave’s praise for wind or morning shadows setting the world afire with renewed hope.  We who dance together silently with words filling the night with songs.  Once we delight, I knew a place, we were a place.  I hear the places we were and are and will be.  Even the place where our songs have ceased, the place that knows us no more, especially that place, moves with our inner delight.  Our laughter reverberates in sun-filled cathedrals and finds crevices we know not.

Dream Medley

The strands of her long, silky hair

Flow across my night sky

Caressing and tickling my demons

My barely lit moments

Woven as her tapestry

Stretched across this ghostly horizon

Long lost to soothing incantation

As the forgotten gods

But marking this buried treasure

And measuring this glorious once

She wakens and rises

To meet me

In my dreams




Dreams of fire wrapped joy

Of earth sobbed pain

Of sky soared home

Of water drenched fear

Of places never seen and rooms never known

Of faces familiar and not

We sink from their moments

We crawl from their concerns

Our logic and history find no place

As we open our eyes to another morn

And shake off another night

And yet still, somehow

We carry our night worlds

Into all our day lights




Where do the gifts of promise and light fall

When they fall from our skies?

The children that never grew old,

The loves that died in their youth

Where do you go?

What heaven do you light?

Perhaps you fall as seeds into an other earth

And there spawn futures we’ll never know!

Caribbean Night

Did I tell you I bought a sailboat?
Did I tell you I live in Caribbean night?
Adrift, enveloped
By big bosomed women.
Inviting, beautiful.
Women that do not know my name
And invite me to do the same.
Adrift, enveloped
By dark tropical seas.
Inviting, beautiful
Seas that do not know my name
And invite me to do the same.
Did I tell you a sailboat brought me
Through Caribbean night to tell you