The Monstrous and Human Contradiction

I have to admit I am a baffled by the nut case sending ricin letters to the POTUS and other high ranking politicians. The letters stated,

“You will have to kill me and my family before you get my guns. Anyone wants to come to my house will get shot in the face. The right to bear arms is my constitutional God-given right and I will exercise that right till the day I die.”

Perhaps unbridled contradiction is a ‘tell’ for mentally ill people. In any case, to state the obvious, the U.S. Constitution was written for law-abiding citizens. The idea behind law is that it is not a smorgasbord that you can pick and choose from. You may not like all laws or agree with them but the Constitution does not mean anything if you are lawless. Lawless folks seem to really think that laws are optional depending on what suits them at the moment. Society makes prisons for such folks; probably because we do not know what to do with them. They are hopelessly narcissistic. It is crazy thinking to state that you believe in the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution and are willing to murder to prove it. Even more, to state that the 2nd Amendment is “God-given” as a way to justify murder is the same mentality that drives the common terrorist. This “God” is no different than the deranged mind that imagines it.

I think there is a deep feeling/conviction among many of us that living a lie is none other than living a contradiction. This is why when we become aware of our contradictions we have consciences and feel guilty. Guilt motivates us to change our behavior so that, eventually and ideally, we are at peace with ourselves. While many may never attain guilt-free life, we still hold to the ideal and labor under it our whole lives.

Apparently, some folks are not in the least hampered with such notions. They can spout off ‘God this and God that’, ‘Constitution this and Constitution that and in the name of their holy indignation murder anyone that disagrees. I find this kind of behavior no different than the ‘kind’ of a tornado. It is not human and can reap horrible unfettered violence at will with no pains of conscience. The odd thing is that this ‘human tornado’ can talk and look like a human. Perhaps such a phenomena fulfills the purely human notion we have of ‘monstrous’.

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