Attention Microsoft Software Vendors

To All Software Vendors:

Please pass this message around and post it here (or your own custom message)…

You can also open up tech support cases on this topic.

Let’s let Microsoft know that we exist please!


Dear Microsoft,

We, your software vendors, have had our businesses damaged by SmartScreen. As you rightly state,

“Users are choosing to delete or not run malware 95% of the time from the new Application Reputation warnings” – Microsoft


What this means is that 95% of our future business will not exist. Currently, 95% of our business that runs into false ‘Reputation’ alerts is non-existent.



How can we develop a ‘reputation’?

-It appears that no new software vendor (or new to SmartScreen statistics) can ever develop a ‘reputation’ once everyone is using this technology because 95% of our customers will not download after they get the message.

Code signing does absolutely nothing to solve this problem. Do we need a second signature?

We plan to keep asking this question until we get a real answer.


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